Why blogging isn’t for me.

There are few things I consider in my life that are not for me. One is Mathematics and right now I’m starting to think blog. I know that I am a Communication student and blogs and things related to this are very essential to the career I will be having. I know that blogging is something that I will have to learn yet to do well. Maybe I’m not putting much effort in doing one, maybe I’m not someone who likes to write and let the world read it, or maybe all of these may be just for the moment.

Yes, right now I believe blogging isn’t for me but it doesn’t stop there right? The first step to fix something is to admit that it is broken? I know that I can further improve and I will!

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Youth Power : Ideas Positive!

They say the youth is very powerful. What better way to show how powerful they are than making their ideas in to reality. This is what Ideas Positive is all about. The project is hosted by Unilab and spearheaded by Mr. Barry Barientos, project lead of Ideas Positive.

21 entries came but only five were given the chance to present their ideas. I was lucky enough to watch the presentation of these ideas and I can say that the teams really did put their best. Each team showed and presented their ideas and how they plan to make this a reality. Positive ideas turned into positive actions as they call it.

All teams were able to present good ideas but of course one had to be the best and it was Team BIGGKASS of the University of Asia and the Pacific. Team UB&G of UP Diliman and Team CLPH of UST became runners up.

Contact Information:

Barry Barrientos – Unilab, Project lead – Ideas Positive

http://ideaspostive.com / email: embarrientos17@gmail.com

Hosts Job De Leon and Riki Flores

Earl Gamboa, Tam Sta.Ana, Eric Wong enjoying the presentaion.

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Moving on and Moving forward.

One my most heard phrase for the last couple of weeks is “Tam, move on.” I’ve been hearing these from everyone I know and even from people whom I just met. In reply I tell them, I have moved on and right now, I am moving forward.

Time waits for no one. No matter how big your problem is, no matter what you excuses are; the world would not stop and wait for you. Everything just continues to work. Now, if you stop moving forward, what will happen to you? You got that right, you be left behind. We all have yet to understand that when someone tells you to move on, it does not mean you forget. When you move, carry with you all the lessons you have learned from your experiences, carry with you the problems but never let them affect you. Let them be a mark for you to see and for you to remember. Move on with everything you have acquired. More importantly, we move forward.

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Betrayal is a dish best served hot.

To be betrayed is one thing, to be betrayed by someone close to you is another. Losing a person in your life is hard; losing two at time is harder. Now, try to imagine what I felt 3 weeks ago. It was hell on Earth, trust me.  I’m not bitter, I’m not sad, I am enlightened. I fell down but I grew stronger.

Now what I want to talk about is betrayal itself. How much do we have to trust someone, how much are you willing to give. I believe I have trusted so much, I also gave more than I should. But who really can answer the questions I have stated above? Only you yourself can answer these questions. As I have read, “Everyone will eventually hurt you; make sure that they are worth the pain”. Betrayal in a choice, when someone betrays you, he or she believes that the action is worth more than what the two of you have. It is a choice he had to make and the choice was simply against yours. Now why did I say betrayal is a dish best served hot? I leave that to you to answer.

To the persons that I have betrayed, I am sorry. I made a choice. I am not proud of what I did but I’ll take responsibility for my actions. For those who betrayed me, you owe me.

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I can still remember when I asked her to go to the beach with me, it was a Thursday and we skipped our class for that day and went on that journey. The bus ride took about 2 hours, it was long trip, long enough for me to think on what to say to her. I wanted to find the right words for her, for me she was perfect girl and only the perfect words are supposed to be to said on that day.

Finally were on the site, it was so cold. Nah, just messing around, it was a summer day on the beach, what would you expect? She has this allergy that can be triggered by a lot of things, and one of these is heat! Yah, she was red and most of the times, up to now I can’t tell if it was because of the sun or because she was nervous.

She went to the bathroom to change and she suddenly screamed. aaaaahhhhhh! she said. I came rushing to her to find out what was happening, there was a small crab lloking at her and it seemed angry. Yup, you read it right, a crab! I really don’t know why there’s a crab there but it scared the shit out of her. aaahhhh! Well, that crab incident was just the start.

We sat down at the seashore, in the part that had shade of course. I just looked at the see hoping that somehow I can see the right words out there. Then it came to me, what did I want to happen that day? So it came out, “Anne, gusto mo ba kong maging boyfriend?” WTF?! Was that perfect? you decide. Well, it worked! She was silent, looking at sea then to the sand. That was the most of the most. Most what? I don’t know, can’t find the right word, all I wanted was to hear her answer. She didn’t answer, so I looked at her and when I was about to saw something she pointed something at the sand, she wrote “YES”. All hell breaks loose! It was official, she was mine. MISSION SUCCESFUL. haha.

It almost a year now, on March 13 we will celebrate our anniversary. I don’t have definite plans yet but I do intend to show her how much I love her on that day. Im just so lucky to have her.

I wrote this blog March 7, 2009.

I am not re-posting this blog to sound bitter or something. I just want to say and make you realize that things could turn so different in a short period of time. Everything changes we know that, what we do not know is what king change would be happening.

I try to think why I wrote that blog. Obviously, I am not a person who loves to blog. I guess that trait of mine was over taken by passion when decided to write that blog. I wanted people to know how much I love her. I wanted them to know “our story”.

Yes, now is very much different from before. However I am glad to write that blog because despite all that happened, I have that to look back and remember.

If you want something to stay, write it. It doesn’t matter where you write it, just do.

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An online break-up?

Last month was the worst month in life so far. So many problems that had piled up and haunted me. August was a month to remember or I should say a month to forget. To top it all, this was the month my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. Yes it was a blow and time has yet to come for me to fully recover.

We broke up inside a bus. Yes, a public bus where our other classmates are, there were also other students but I barely know them. I guess there was no really perfect place for that break-up to happen. It just did. I have had a few of break-ups in my life, two to be exact. They were all face-to-face.

Now I wonder, if it would have an online break-up, would have it made any difference? Let see, she sends me a message in Yahoo Messenger saying, “hey tam, I’m sorry but I’m not happy anymore, goodbye.” Would have this been much easier than my “bus experience”? Would the break-up be much bearable if I had not seen her face saying those words? Can i call myself a better man because she would have not seen tears fall down from my eyes if it were an online break-up? These answers I want to know. So far I can find only one difference between a face-to-face break-up an an online one, this is closure. So far, the face-to-face works for me.

Had an online break-up? Tell me about it.

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What will be of Tam-tam?

Aldous Thomas A. Sta.Ana

Block 14 lot 14 Tanguile St.

Meadowood Village, Panapaan

Bacoor, Cavite

Home Phone: (046) 970 1604

Mobile: +63 917 417 7372

E-mail: aldousthomasstaana@yahoo.com


  • To acquire 200 hours of supervised summer internship as a requirement for

OrCom 180 (Practicum)

  • To be able to improve and apply one’s skills in administrative, interpersonal, marketing, organizational, technical, and public relations communication inside an organization.



2007—present: Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication

Degree program encompassing: Technical writing, marketing and advertising, public relations, interpersonal communication, business communication, events planning

University of the Philippines Manila



Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary

Consistent class achiever

Consistent class officer

Conferences and Seminars Attended

  • Mounting an Event: The Essentials, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila, August 20, 2009
  • We are the change makers: PR Students Congress, University of Sto. Tomas,

September 5-6, 2009

  • OrCom Silver Anniversary Conference, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila, September 2009
  • COALESCENCE: The OrCom majors from DLSU Taft and UP Manila, De La Salle University—Taft, Manila, November 27, 2009


·         Creative and technical writing

·         Good verbal communication skills

·         Excellent interpersonal and public relation skills

·         Computer literate, Windows and Microsoft Office applications

·         Organizational skills

·         Administrative skills

·         Team player

Interests and Activities

Sports, socializing and surfing the internet

This is my resume.

I used this resume in my on the job training last summer. I applied for a work at Equipment Engineers Incorporated or commonly known as EEI. I can still very much remember the interview I had with the Human Resources Head. The question that stuck in my mind was, “what is your edge over the other applicants?”.

From that question alone, it made me realized that what is really something unique in me. What was that special ingredient that makes me stand out. I remembered I answered in that interview that I was a very quick learner. That I could adjust and adapt to situations quickly. I have the courage to do the things I have never done before. I guess it was good enough for the interviewer because I got in.

The question however stuck in my mind. What really makes Tam, Tam? What is that factor that a company will see in me for them to hire me over hundreds of other applicants? In this answer lies my future and the difference between a good life and the unemployment line. The answer has yet to be found.

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